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Horizon View Connection Server with Ansible

How to setup Horizon View Connection Server with Ansible. In my previous Horizon and Ansible posts I assumed the connection server was already there. What if it isn’t though and you need automation on it. This question on Reddit actually triggered me. It’s true I do not mention installing and configuring the Connection Server. So […]

NSX T with PowerCLI – export loadbalancer information

How to export NSX-T loadbalancer information with PowerCLI? This question popped in my mind after a customer request to generate a list with their loadbalancers and associated virtual servers. This was not as easy as I thought! First of all, the NSX-T userinterface is not very export-friendly and i could not find a way to […]

Create automation ready Windows VM with Packer and Ansible.

In my environment I am using the Ansible vmware_guest module to deploy Windows Server VM’s on a vSphere platform. After using the module I should have a vm with a clean Windows Server installation which is automation ready. This works, however, the template was pretty static and kind of hard to maintain. Some necessary scripts […]

VMware Horizon View with Ansible and Powershell – Part 2

A little while ago I wrote part 1 of VMware Horizon View with Ansible and Powershell. The blog was about setting up a simple and scalable environment of FullClone VDI pools. In this post I will add some extra tasks and complexity to Horizon View with Ansible and Powershell. I will create a flow that […]

VMware Horizon View with Ansible and Powershell – Part 1

After battling Covid19 almost the whole of September I can say that I am back in business! In this post I want to show you how you can create a Horizon View Environment with Powershell and Ansible. This post will be one of three and will guide you in creating a simple and automated VMware […]

NSX-v RestAPI to create Distributed Firewall rules with Ansible

My previous post was about creating Ansible modules for NSX-v with Powershell. Today I will show how to skip Powershell and speed up the process significantly. I will do this by using the Ansible uri module and NSX-v RestAPI. Background Making your own Ansible modules with Powershell is pretty neat and cool. The big downside […]

Powershell to write Ansible modules for NSX-v

About a year ago Ansible was still pretty new to me. At some point I got a question if I could automate parts of the NSX-v Distributed Firewall, prefferably with Ansible. So I started roaming the modules and found nothing. Then I roamed the internet and found little. Except for some Python tools, I found […]

Creating uniform portgroups on vSphere Distributed Switch with Ansible

If you are a vSphere administrator managing environments with multiple clusters and vSphere Distributed Switches, then you are probably aware that naming portgroups can sometimes be quite a challenge.Especially when similar portgroups have to exist on more than one vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS), because you can’t have duplicate portgroup names within one vCenter. To avoid […]